Developing with ASP.NET?

Cut your testing time, with style!

Test everything but the kitchen sink

Write readable and fluent assertions in just a few seconds!


Built-in dependency resolver


Model state validation and thrown exceptions


Controller and action level filter attributes

Async Calls

Multi-threaded environment support

View Components

Every crucial application part


Controller, action and route values


Ready for tests in-memory database

Session & Cache

Assertion of various state mechanisms

Save time

Minimize effort

Assert flawlessly

Code Libraries

My Tested ASP.NET Core MVC

  • Testing framework for ASP.NET Core MVC
  • Free or Commercial License

My Tested Web API

  • Testing framework for ASP.NET Web API 2
  • Free and Open Source

About Me

A passionate developer

Ivaylo Kenov
Ivaylo Kenov

Solutions Architect
Technical Lead
Senior Software Developer
Part Time Technical Trainer

My name is Ivaylo Kenov and I am heavily responsible for all the packages listed on this site.

I am currently working as a CTO in a large software development team, delivering features on a daily basis. My passions are the modern C# and JavaScript technologies.

Additionally, I help large educational institutions like Software University as a technical trainer participating in various lectures and exams.

Furthermore, I own and update regularly one of the most popular Instagram pages about programming.

In my free time I tend to write quite a lot of code, making open-source libraries like My Tested ASP.NET Core Mvc (featured on the ASP.NET Core MVC repository).

Expect lots of other exciting packages to follow shortly!

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