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My Tested ASP.NET Core MVC delivers everything you need to test a modern ASP.NET Core MVC web application under tight deadlines

Development Cost comparison

My Tested ASP.NET Core MVC Normal Tests
Research & Learning Curve 30 To 60 Minutes 2 To 3 Days
Testing Infrastructure 5 Minutes 3 To 5 Days
Average Development Minutes Per Test 3 Minutes 10 Minutes
Total Tests Per Hour 20 Tests 6 Tests
Average Development Hourly Rate $25 $25
Development Cost Per Test $1.25 $4.10
  • You save $2.85 on average for each test!
  • My Tested ASP.NET costs as little as $69 per dev!
  • After the 25th test, your dev cost decreases rapidly!
  • You return your investment in less than a day!

Feature comparison

My Tested ASP.NET Core MVC Microsoft ASP.NET Core Mvc Testing Normal Test
Readable Tests
Strongly Typed Tests
Controller Tests
View Component Tests
Services Tests
Route Tests
MVC Pipeline Tests
Server Integration Tests
Automatic Dependency Resolver
Manual Dependency Resolver
Asynchronous Test Execution
Ready To Use Testable Dependencies
Easy Component Instantiation
Automatic Context Setup
Easy API Result Assertions
Easy View Result Assertions
Strongly Typed Model Assertions
Deep Equality Assertions
Automatic Model Serialization
Automatic Model Binding
Automatic Model Validation
Built-in Testable Session
Built-in Testable Cache
Built-in Testable Temp Data
Testable View Data
Testable View Bag
Easy HTTP Request Setup
Easy HTTP Forms & Cookies Setup
Easy HTTP Response Assertions
Easy Attribute Assertions
Built-In Anti-Forgery Token Support
Built-In Authorization Support
Route Matching Assertions
Route Values Assertions
Model Binding Assertions
In-Memory Database
Testable Scoped Database
Easy Authenticated User Setup