My Tested MVC Core

Free testing framework for

Lite is great, but the full version is completely free for individuals, small businesses and open source usage!

Key Features

Free Testing Framework

My Tested ASP.NET Core MVC Lite enables you to quickly add use cases to your unit tests, expanding scenario coverage.

Unit Testing Simplified

Testing complex logic is now easier than ever. My Tested ASP.NET Core MVC Lite requires minimum setup.

Arrange, Act, Assert Oriented

My Tested ASP.NET Core MVC Lite utilizes the Arrange, Act, Assert (AAA) pattern for creating unit tests.

The Whole MVC Universe

The framework uses your registered services to assert the testing scenarios guaranteeing correctness every time.

Easy To Use

The intuitive API helps ensure a shorter learning curve and better readability of your test cases.

Tested To The Core

The framework's code base is covered by thousands of unit tests validating the library's integrity.

High Performance

My Tested ASP.NET Core MVC Lite is written with performance in mind. It aims to run as fast as the MVC framework itself.

Tests SOLID Code

If your code follows the SOLID principles, then My Tested ASP.NET Core MVC Lite is the perfect framework for you.

Easy Migration To The Full Version

When you decide you need a more powerful testing experience, you can easily migrate to the paid version of My Tested ASP.NET Core MVC.

Not sure whether the Lite version will fit your needs?

Download now

Add MyTested.AspNetCore.Mvc.Lite to your test project to get started

The Free Lite Version Gives You

  • Easy controller and view component assertions
  • Built-in per test dependency resolver for mocked services
  • More than 200 fluent assertion methods
  • Descriptive error messages for failed tests
  • Easy-to-use library with polished fluent interface